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Price List

These are our varieties of mushrooms and microgreens that are currently available. If there is a variety you’re looking for that is not listed here, please contact us¬†and we’ll see what we can do!

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Variety Price
Mixed Oyster Mushrooms $40 p/kg
Pink oyster $45 p/kg
Monster Blue $45 p/kg
Phoenix Oyster $45 p/kg
Tan Oyster $45 p/kg
Blue Shimeji $45 p/kg
Yellow Oyster $45 p/kg
Varieties below are available for special or ongoing orders with a 4-6 week turnaround. Contact us to discuss.
Queensland White Oyster $45 p/kg
Black Pearl $45 p/kg
Baby Kings (winter only) $45 p/kg
Pleurotus Ulmarius $45 p/kg
King Oyster $45 p/kg


Variety Price
Radish Mix $8 p/100g
Sunflower $9 p/100g
Broccoli $9 p/100g
Pea Shoots $9 p/100g
Beetroot $18 p/100g